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About Us

About US



Having started in 2007, Outsourceimages2india has been in the business of providing customers with professional services for all images needs. We are all about affordable services with a distinct touch of expertise. Add onto this a promise of quick turnaround time and you can be assured that we are the solutions provider you are looking for.

Having seen our inception in 2007, Outsourceimages2india has had a sustained relationship with over 550 customers. Loyalty and complete satisfaction with the quality of our work is something

we take pride in and we are now in the process of expanding our customer database.

We work with a team of professional and experienced graphic designers who are made available at your disposal for all your image needs. Handling high volumes of work in digital images is something our team excels at. A quick delivery time and unparalleled quality of work are a given with us.


Cost-effective, timely deliverables and complete customer satisfaction; these sum up the core mission of Oi2i. We aim at creating a business differentiator based on our top-notch technology know-how and skills, high-quality results and professional sales and marketing technique. Oi2i aims at being the global leader of image solutions with international sales and global connect. We look at a continuous sustained business growth that benefits and rewards our share-holders and all our employees. We are all about developing our internal pool of employees by creating an environment of high motivation and rewards to all those who demonstrate dependability and dexterity.

Core Value

The chant mantra of Oi2i is PROUD and we live by it in all our capability.

P – PROFESSIONALISM in both the workplace and community.

R – RATIONALITYin terms of relationships regardless of sex, religion, nationality, status of living and more.

O – OUTSTANDING performance in the global market to reach out to more customers and develop business.

U – UNSELFISH in sharing all of one’s knowledge, skills and experience with customers. Unselfish in offering growth opportunities for others.

D – DEVOTEDto serve the entire global industry and to expand rapidly through driven passion.