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Blue Sky Replacement



A picture taken in the backdrop of a cloudy sky or one taken in poor sunlight does not appeal to the viewer. At Oi2i, we can assist you by creating a backdrop of the blue sky to add colour and appeal to the image. Our research has definitive proof that customers are drawn images that have a blue sky backdrop as compared to those with a cloudy backdrop.

The blue sky images created by us carry a distinctive sharpness and woo the onlookers with their unblemished clarity. We perform the task in the most skillful manner and give a professional touch to the image. The images edited so by us have resulted in an enhancement of sales among our clients.

The salient advantages of Oi2i Blue Sky Replacement services:-

  • Years of experience and a team of highly talented staff work to develop a perfect and an appealing image
  • On the dot performance coupled with in time delivery
  • A service that is aimed at optimum cost saving and effective presentation
  • Ability to handle large volume of images
  • Editing designed to suit your requirements