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Image masking services is an avid service offered by Outsourceimages2india. The service offers professional masking techniques to separate your image from its backdrop without losing out on all the minute details as detailed as hairstyles etc. There are many images that come out with serrated edges and undefined borders. The professional stylish look of your portfolio can get marred with this. To fix these details without losing out on the intricacies can be achieved with our services. From fading images to merging two pictures, our professional layer masking tools can easily hide pixels of the image with ultimate care and create clarity like never before. And all this at the most affordable of prices with deliverables in amazing time.

All features of Photoshop are looked into by our team of experts to produce a picture of world-class quality. Advanced knockout masking technique are employed to remove intricate and detailed objects such as water, smoke, glass, hair, shadows from the background image. Creating mask from a fully opaque image to provide transparency is also made possible by adjusting the transparency levels to make it blend in with the background. This creates clarity and focus in your image that you are looking for. We scissor, color, import and modify images to the required backdrop with perfect precision in no time. So contact us today for our unmatched solutions today.