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HDR Image Blending

As explained earlier High Dynamic Range image is the one which is created by blending an image sequence of photos taken at different exposure values like various Shutter Speed or aperture. All the photos individually in the sequence shall cover a part of the dynamic range of the scene photographed. All these are blended to give a HDR image which will contain the full information from all the photos. This blending can be done in Photoshop or also with specialized HDR blending Software.

Why HDR is important for your business?

The benefits of giving a HDR image to suit your business need are many. Very few of them are listed below :

  • Your website will possess a complete picture which is beautifully enhanced
  • You have a choice of choosing a picture in the sequence and blending the rest
  • Most importantly, Using HDR Services, a sequence of pictures photographed at various exposure levels get blended and thus resulting in a balanced photography.
  • They are more vibrant, clear and crisp as they are blended from photographs of different exposure levels. At outsourcing we have best of designers, and research teams to make an impact for your business.