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Image Clipping services are gaining momentum in terms of need worldwide. Industries such as digital photography, advertising, graphic designing, web designing, catalogue companies, photographic studios, printing press, magazines etc depend on this service greatly. To hire professional designers in countries like the US, UK and Europe is not a viable option at all times as they are very expensive. This is where outsourcing to a country which has low-labor cost becomes a practical solution. Outsourceimages2india offers you professional image clipping services that saves you the worry of cost, time and assures you of high-quality deliverables.

Oi2i provides clipping services to some of the best countries in the world. The cost of our clipping service rests on the complexity of the image at hand, the quantity of work and the required turnaround time. Background drop-out, photo editing, retouching, manipulation etc are some of the services provided. With our main office based in the UK and our production office based in India, we offer you cost-effective clipping services backed up with quality work. Sounds unreal? Not with us!

Clipping Services to Remove Background: Clipping services are a popular way of removing the background from an image. It is much preferred over the other options of doing the same. Some of the reasons are because,

  • The clipping path drawn with a pen tool after, offers an image quality like no other technique.
  • A clipping path can be applied to almost any kind of file format including JPG, and then placed directly into a layout which reduces the file size.
  • A clipping path can be edited at any time simply by using the pen tool.
  • Flatness can also be applied to images that have a soft edge.
  • It is the fastest and easiest method of removing background.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Oi2i:

  • Low cost clipping service.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.
  • Quotation within one hour.
  • Volume discount.
  • Triple check quality control
  • 24 hours email support.
  • Easy and flexible services.
  • Huge amount of image processing capabilities.
  • A professional team at your disposal 24/7- 365 days.