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Image Enhancement

Image Enhancement




If your image looks lusterless, dull and flat, have no fear. Outsourceimages2india is the answer in creating that enhanced vibrancy and sleekness your photo needs. Oi2i’s proficient Image Enhancement service caters to all aspects of the genre from adjusting saturation, color balance, contrast, brightness and density of images to applying filters, removing or inserting backgrounds, cropping and removing blemishes, noise and grains. With quick turnaround time and affordable prices, you need to look no further than us.

All photographers are subjected to the temperaments of temperature and lightning and in olden times striving to get that one perfect shot was a tedious task. With the advent of technology, cameras and printers come with built-in editing software. In spite of it, photographers turn to professional image enhancement solutions providers for that added edge in their final images. We offer our services to professional photo editing agencies, digital photographers, photo studios, online art galleries, e-book editors and publishers, webmasters and web designers, real estate agents, catalog publishers and online stores. With the advantage of broadband connectivity that allows for the transfer of large files, we are able to work with customers from all parts of the globe who outsource image enhancement work to us. At Oi2i, we use the latest features of Adobe Photoshop CS3 and other plug-ins such as Jasc PaintShop Pro, Kodak's Digital ICE technology, Nikon's professional scanning technology, Digital GEM technology and light machine and color washer for color correction.

Types of Image Enhancement Services

Density Correction: Most digital photos are affected by non-standardized digital printers and show variation in color density and contrast from the original setting. Oi2i’s team of experts are adept in using Adobe Photoshop software and proprietary techniques for density correction in such images to ensure that the final result is a image of clarity that is uniform in density and contrast.

Color Correction of Digital Images: The color, brightness and contrast of digital images are balanced and corrected by us. The color gradients of digital images are analyzed and the optimum tone curve for each color determined before we set out to work on your image. The final result; an effective color correction technique to produce an image high on clarity and look.

Color Cast Correction: Unwanted color casts are seen in digital images because of multicolored, tungsten or fluorescent lighting besides fading light. Our team removes such color casts and also works at restoring black and white digital images to pleasing contrast and density.

Image Cropping: Image cropping tightens the image at hand to make it small without disrupting the scale and proportion of the image. Oi2i also works at removing black and white borders and redundant elements found near the edges of the image that distracts the viewer from the subject of the image by cropping it optimally. We also correct framing mistakes and repair unbalanced images.

Removing Blemishes: To get a perfect photograph of your own self isn’t easy. And when you get one, to see it marred with freckles, blemishes, scars, shaving cuts, dark eye and more is extremely frustrating. Oi2i takes care of all these issues using professional digital ‘make-up’ techniques to present you with a flattering portrait of yourself.

Background Insertion/Removal: Unnecessary background elements or ‘noise’ can spoil a good photo. It takes away the focus of the main subject by creating distraction. Oi2i uses techniques to remove such elements and replace them with a stark black or white background for enhanced effect. Elements of your requirement can also be added into the background if necessary.

Specialized Image Enhancement Services: Outsourceimages2india often works as a back-office support for companies providing image enhancement services to retail customers. Besides, we also re-touch and enhance digital photographs for online catalogs and web-based retailers who display numerous product shots online. We also offer our services to companies that have large volumes of photos to edit. We have proven our capabilities in wedding photography post processing services and for social event photographers.

Some of our other specialized services include photomontage, filter effects, montage masking, mono conversion, image framing, 3D stereogram design, airbrushing, canvas art, image cleaning and cloning.

O2I's portfolio covers,

  • Image mosaics
  • Product images
  • Online catalogs
  • Portraits

Note: If there are image formats or requirements that we have not covered here, inquire with us. Our Customer Engagement Team will contact you within 24 hours.

We reserve the right to reject any project for reasons that conflict with our values. These include photos we consider adult, violent or unethical in any way.