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Photo restoration is a professional service that many people seek for. Almost all the leading photographers in the industry turn to digital photo retouching and restoration in order to enhance the quality of the images and add that professional touch to the final look. It brings out the substance of work, sharpens the subject and enhances the image in general.

Outsourceimages2india offers proficient photo re-touching services at affordable prices with a promise of quick deliverables. Our team of experts bring with them their years of experience and professional edge in helping provide you with a skilled digital photo re-touching service.

The distinct advantage we are provided with in this new age of technology is the global connect we can achieve. We have clients from all over the world depending on our unparalleled services. With large sizes of files easily transferred, quick and real-time internet communications being made possible, outsourcing your photo re-touch work to us makes the results better at an affordable price. So let our digital photo re-touching service offer you the pit-stop you need and be assured of complete satisfaction in all the elements that count; quality, time and cost.

We look into all categories of photo-retouching; basic re-touching, medium re-touching and high-end re-touching.

Basic Re-touching: Some of the services offered in this category are exposure and color correction, image cropping, adding frames and borders to images, adding or removing people from photos, adding texts to images, joining pictures and more. Color correction, lightening images, intensifying parts of the images, virtual repair of blemishes or dirt on the images, creation of a bright sunny look to replace an overcast sky, virtual paint touch-ups and removing unnecessary backgrounds are some of the services offered to Real Estate companies in this section. We also take care of the damaged areas of your image and ensure that the final result is free of scratches, spots, stains etc. Using new techniques, our experts are also able to increase the pixels of your image, thus resizing photos and enlarging pictures.

Medium Re-touching: We offer different re-touching services for fortes such as portfolio or resume photo touch-up, Actor or Model portfolio restoration services etc. Black and white conversion is also one of our niche service offers. Our experts use professional shading and toning methods whereby they employ the latest of burning, toning and dodging skills to convert to black and white, duotone, sepia and more. And voila, you have a piece of art in your hand. We also re-touch your personal photos to present you with a professional unblemished image to treasure in portfolio quality. Our team of experts can remove all scars and other imperfections while taking care of skin tone, wrinkles, red eyes and more. The service includes glossy airbrushing, virtual weight reduction, teeth repair and whitening, make-up features, eye-lash extension and darkening amongst others. We color correct, remove unwanted background images, lighten dark photos and enhance the contrast to present you with a photograph that deems looking at.

High-end Re-touching: High-end re-touching services are in demand for magazines covers, commercials, photographers for their portfolio, inlays and covers for CDs and DVDs etc. We offer facial work to enhance and smooth the skin whereby the wrinkles are removed and the lashes, eyes, colors of the lips and eye shadow are all enhanced and in sharp focus. Re-shaping and virtual weight reductions are carried out on the body to give it a slim and trim look. Skin tones are naturalized and the skin is smoothened out. Even the creases found in the clothes worn are taken care of. All unwanted background images are removed and new ones added to give the image the aesthetics it deserves.

So for all your photo re-touching needs, outsource your images to us and get the results you are looking for.