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Skin Retouching

Retouching skin is a common talking point for photographers, as there’s a fine line between lustrous smoothness and the dreaded plastic look. An overly airbrushed image makes subjects appear more like children’s dolls than real people, and robs them of their humanity and charisma.Every image is unique and there’s no single retouching rule that will work for all photographs.

We start the retouching by correcting exposure and colors, exposing for the skin's darkest and brightest areas of the image to make sure we get the best out of the image. After the skin is cleaned off of blemishes and the outlines of the face and neck are slightly perfected, we work on the makeup and facial features. After the most obvious blemishes are removed we use the frequency separation technique to even out the skin. Technique will depend on how good the condition of the skin is to start with.